So She Says – First Anniversary

Woah. We made it to one year. 365 days.
Let’s reflect on this year:

- I was still writing Mystic Waters when I started this blog.
– I was in Afghanistan.
– I had no idea if my WIP would even be anything. I knew what I wanted, but I had no direction.
– I didn’t even know Rosemi yet.

It’s been quite a year! I lost, I loved, I wrote, I laughed, I cried. Most importantly, I became a published author. And while I don’t have many readers, they are the best. I wouldn’t trade them.


We’ve discussed so many things on this blog. My posts were a bit more in-depth during deployment (something I’m trying to get back into), sometimes I worry I’ll run out of things to talk about.

What I do want to mention is the fact that I have five more copies of my book in my possession. If anyone would like a signed copy, email me! If anyone would a copy in exchange for an honest review, email me!

I remember I posted a little about inspiration. I mention (always) how music affects my writing. But I really want to break down my writing process now that I’ve started my third book (no title yet).

Usually, I stop a book when I know a new story is about to begin. That’s the first thing I have to say. When writing a series, you really have to know when and where to stop off at.

The start of the next book has to be handled delicately. I know most authors will backtrack and give you bits of information about the previous book to jog your memory. I don’t. That style of writing isn’t mine. I can’t do that, in my opinion, because it takes away from the authenticity of my work. I would never stop and think to remind myself that I met my husband four years ago. So I won’t do it in a story that is told in the first person (past tense).

Back to discussing the beginning. It takes one song to give me the sentence, that one knockout first chapter, that I need. I do not plan when I write. I drive my car, I download music, I work, I wash dishes. During these times, scenes come to me. Sometimes they fit. Other times, I have to work them until they do.

Example: I was driving my car today, playing Maroon 5, and a scene smacked me upside the head. A scene for book three! This is how it happens. My brain wanders, songs play, scenes come, I write them, after a while, it all fits. Crazy, right?

And when I feel a scene coming, it’s like a curtain is being lifted and I’m witnessing this private move. I’m VIP. And then I’m scrambling to share the awesome-ness with you all! Somehow my brain connects the random dots that the story is (sometimes while I’m in the shower), leaving me with a complete story (yes, I usually jump out of the shower and write…mostly when my husband isn’t around to make fun of me).

I’ve missed writing longer blog posts. I promise to try harder!

Now playing Maroon 5 – Coming Back For You. Happy Anniversary, ladies and gentleman. It has been such a pleasure.

All my love (every last bit),

Hello Again – Chasing the Tide Playlist

I’ve graduated WLC!


I posted a bit ago that when I graduated WLC, I’d post the tentative playlist for Chasing the Tide. I say tentative because the list may likely expand. The great thing about Spotify is that I only have to update the playlist and you all can check the link and listen for any additions!

Understand that in me posting my playlist, I’m telling you so much. No, that does not mean the exact lyrics of each song tell you what the story is about. But when you read the book, you can likely piece the scenes to the songs.

If anyone is interested, I also posted the Mystic Waters playlist on Spotify.

For those of you who do not have a Spotify account, I don’t think you’ll be able to click to listen. But I will post a by name list of the songs at a later date.

I hate to leave the most important news for last but I had to make sure I still had you all with me. The release date for Chasing the Tide has been bumped closer. The Army decided I had a bit more time left in Germany, so I won’t have to pack up and move in the middle of edits. Yay!

And here is the playlist.

All my love, from my warm bed in Germany,

Barnes & Noble

OK. So, a few things. Those of you who have followed this journey, know that Mystic Waters has been available on Barnes & Noble since its release. In eBook format, of course. Pretty standard. And those of you who follow me on any social media platform know tonight’s news.

Mystic Waters will be available in print for Barnes & Noble customers.


I never thought we’d get to this point. And, I mean, the writing world is so fickle. I think I came to understand this more in the last few days than during the querying process. Which is strange!


It’s 1:26 a.m. I woke up randomly and remembered I had to type this post out. *sigh* I am tired. Blame my sleepy brain on the awkwardness of this celebratory post.

I’ll be going away for some Army training on Monday. So, sadly, I won’t be posting too much between now and the end of my training next month, mid-month. I’ll try! But no promises.



I’m not playing any songs. But I love Stacy Barthe’s War IV Love. I’ve been playing it the past few days. OK. Back to bed.

Barnes & Noble. Yay!



All my love,

Chasing the Tide Synopsis Reveal

Hey, world! The Chasing the Tide synopsis is ready for viewing over at the Mystic Waters website ( I can’t wait to hear what you all think! And if you haven’t already, purchase your copy of Mystic Waters today!

Now playing the entire Mystic Waters playlist, available for hearing on the website!

All my love,

Dear Old Mummy

I would like to state that I am kind of a douche. We’ll start off with getting that out…clearing the air, I suppose.

Now, my mom is a HUGE Mystic Waters fan. So much so that she has badgered me time and again for a piece of Chasing the Tide. A few of you may’ve heard rumors (started by me) that a character would be dying this book.

So, I gave dear old mummy what she wanted. See her reaction below. :)

Love you, mom!

Chasing the Tide News! (and Selfies and an Excerpt)

Hi. This is me right now:


Why? Because Chasing the Tide is due to Rosemi tomorrow! I know I shouldn’t be freaking out. Hell, I’m the one who gave myself this deadline. But I had to. If I don’t stick to deadlines (even if they’re my own), I’ll never finish.


The lighting in my office is crap. But I have enough light to burn the midnight oil until CTT sparkles! Is anyone else excited? Who wants to read a bit?? :)

As usual, I have to say that this may or may not make it into the final draft.


And for once, I knew Farah needed me. And not to help her decide what lipstick looked best or to help her zip her dress. She needed me to protect her. She was afraid.


Cool? Cool. Stay awesome! I’ll be up all night.



Now playing Jennifer Lopez’s First Love. I think J.Lo is absolutely stunning and a class act. And she’s Latina! A woman after my own heart.



All my love, from Nivineon and Mystic,





Causing A Ruckus!

I can remember the way I felt when I first held Mystic Waters in my hands. I ran my fingers over the cover in awe. It was beautiful. And it was mine.


First time seeing my books in person.

First time seeing my books in person.


I want to share that feeling with the world. I can’t help but feel a pang of jealousy when I see authors interacting with their readers. I WANT THAT! I want readers who tell me their favorite parts, tell me their favorite characters or what part absolutely broke their hearts. So, I’m enlisting all of your help. Share Liza with the world. She wants out!

Tell the local library, tell your neighbor. Share the word. Soon Chasing the Tide will be here and you guys, the ones who were watching Mystic Waters come to life…you’ll have that sense of pride. That feeling of “I knew Liza first. Before she was a cool kid.”

I have a few more Chrysoprase necklaces. Now, we could do the really boring thing, like tell you guys you can buy them from me. Or we can have some fun. I need ideas. And maybe I’ll even add some other things to this gift. Maybe I’ll go all out. What do you guys say?

My team and I are working on a blog tour for Mystic Waters. I think it’s about time the rest of the world met Liza. It’s time to cause a ruckus! Let’s make this thing HUGE!




Thanks for all of the support. Share your ideas and don’t forget to leave reviews! Amazon, Goodreads, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble…anywhere. :)


Now playing LP’s Night Like This.



All my love, from Nivineon,

My Love Affair

It’s 1:36 a.m. as I sit here typing away. I couldn’t sleep last night and found myself at my computer at 3:30 a.m., writing. The plan this weekend is for me to stay inside and hopefully finish the first draft of Chasing the Tide. If not finish, I’ll be putting a major dent in the word count.

I am officially obsessed. And I love that finally there are people in the world almost as obsessed as I am. Let me tell you, it’s coming along beautifully! I was writing a tough scene towards the end and decided to take a break and fill you guys in on my life right now.


MW Fan2 Reader MW Fan5 MW Fan4 MW Fan3 MW Fan


I’d like to announce that in a month, we’ve almost sold out of paperback copies. Don’t worry. We’ve ordered another bunch! We won’t know eBook sales for a few more weeks but I have to say, I’m not so nervous. I know that even if sales are poor, I did what I wanted to. And I didn’t let a thing stop me.

I wrote the first book tentatively. With Mystic Waters I wasn’t confident. I don’t mind that. I love the innocence in my words. But I come to CTT with a sense of accomplishment. I know some people have loved MW. Some haven’t. Either way, I owe it to those people to sit at my desk and pour my heart out. I owe it to them to spend hours on end making my characters come alive. And if they can enjoy the world that came from my imagination, it would makes the hours of typing after coming home from work worth it.

So, you see? Writing, story telling…it’s my love affair. It’s my escape. It’s my sanity when the world thinks I’m insane. Because in my head, things make sense. :)


Listening to Fink’s Looking Too Closely.


All my love,

(And maybe I’m back in Mystic…) ;)

Olde Mistick Village – Mystical Elements!

Remember yesterday’s post? Well, yesterday I went to Mystical Elements, which is a major setting in Mystic Waters and I took a video to show you all what Olde Mistick Village looks like!

Overall, my vacation was a hit. I had 6 signings but had to cancel the one today due to my travel schedule conflicting with the signing time. I felt really badly about that. I always want to sign for my readers and being so new, every signing counts.

I’ve met some wonderful people while being on vacation. If I’m being honest, this vacation was more work than play. Which is kind of sad because now I’m going to Army work. :/ Does it ever end??

Mystic Waters is definitely in a better place since being here. We’ve gotten the word out on it and have signed on for our second printing. We are almost out of books only a month in! Amazing, right? If any bloggers would like to review, please contact myself or my publisher, Rosemi at

For those who’ve supported me, I’m so lucky to have you! And I hope you’re ready for Chasing theTide! It’s bee such a difficult yet pleasure-filled write. I’m loving every minute of it!

If you have time, make your way to Mystic, CT. You’ll fall in love.





All my love, from Nivineon,

Chasing the Tide Snippet

So, it’s only right that since I posted a Chasing the Tide snippet on my Facebook page, I share it here as well. I have a treat for you all tomorrow as well! Vacation has been fun but it’s winding down and I have to get back to business. Here’s the snippet!


CTT snippet


It feels like it’s really getting somewhere and I’m so excited to share it with you all. I’ve got some new characters that are just begging to be set free.


Now playing Echosmith’s Cool Kids.


All my love, still in Nivineon,